The Appeal of Using Cash for Junk Car Sales to Scrap Unwanted Cars

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The Appeal of Using Cash for Junk Car Sales to Scrap Unwanted Cars

5 February 2021
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When your car reaches a point of wearing out beyond repair, you no longer want to continue paying taxes and tags on it. Instead, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Instead of selling it as a trade, you can liquidate it for scrap metal. You can sell it to a business that offers cash for junk cars and get upfront money for its per-ton value.

Cash for Unwanted Vehicles

One of the main advantages that comes from cash for junk car sales involves getting money upfront for your unwanted vehicle. The car may not be worth anything otherwise. If you try to trade it in for a newer vehicle, you may only be offered a few dollars for it or told that the car is not worth anything toward the price of a newer vehicle.

However, businesses that pay cash for junk car transactions offer the per-ton price for scrap metal. The business does not care if the vehicle is not running or if it has a dented body. It only cares about how much scrap metal that it can get out of the vehicle that you want to sell.

With that, it may offer you a couple hundred dollars for your unwanted vehicle. You are free to use that money for whatever purpose and avoid having to haggle with a dealership over the car's trade-in value.

Towing Included

If the car that you want to scrap does not run, you may not want to tow it yourself to the scrap metal yard. Instead, you prefer that someone tow it for you.

The business that pays cash for junk car sales can typically offer you free or no cost towing services. It can pick up the car wherever you have it stored and tow it to the scrap metal buyer for you. It may deduct its towing fee out of the money that you get for its scrap metal value, however. 

An unwanted car can cost you more than it is worth. You have to pay the taxes and tags on it. You also may not be able to use it to trade in on a newer vehicle. Instead of keeping the car, you can sell it for upfront money based on per-ton prices. You can have it towed to a business that will offer you cash for junk car sales. 

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