Preparing An Old Clunker For A Demolition Derby

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Preparing An Old Clunker For A Demolition Derby

8 September 2015
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If you have an old vehicle sitting upon your property, and you are no longer planning on using it on the open road or intending to make money from it because it is not really worth much, you may want to consider revamping it and entering it into a demolition derby for fun. This event would give your vehicle one last hurrah to drive in front of many spectators and you may even win a prize if it stays running longer than other participants' vehicles. Here are some tips to use when preparing an old vehicle for a demolition derby contest.

Remove Safety Hazards

Before you can use a car in a demolition derby event, parts that can fly off, potentially hurting you or other contestants, need to be removed from the vehicle completely. This includes any interior trim, plastic pieces, headlights, tail lights, interior lights, and all the glass from every window. Use a hammer to smash the glass from your vehicle while wearing safety goggles and protective clothing. It is best to put a tarp inside your vehicle before attempting this so you can easily remove shards. Consider bringing old parts to a used auto parts sales facility, like Bob Karl's Auto Wrecking, to see if you can get a few dollars for them. At the same time, you can pick up inexpensive used parts needed to fix up your vehicle so it runs properly for the race.

Decorate Your Vehicle

This is the fun part of preparing your old vehicle for a contest. Grab a few cans of spray paint and decorate your vehicle in bright, gaudy colors. Add some writing, pictures, symbols, or a nickname you wish to call your vehicle. The crazier your vehicle looks, the better! People will root for a vehicle that stands out from the rest, so try to come up with a unique idea that will grab attention of anyone spectating the event.

Prepare Your Strategy

When you bring a vehicle into a gravel field to compete demolition-style, it is a survival of the fittest. You will need to be on guard as other vehicles try ramming their's into yours. Try your best to stay out of corners, as you will have a good chance of being stuck along the perimeter of the track if someone wails their vehicle straight into yours when you have nowhere to retreat. Many drivers will put their vehicle into reverse and try hitting others this way so they keep their engine from being destroyed early in the competition.

Drive in a counterclockwise direction as you look for victims to hit, as this will keep your driver's side door away from others. Try your best to ram your vehicle into the engine portion of other vehicles so they stop running properly. When your contest is over, donate your vehicle to a local scrap yard. Good luck!